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Installation, Repairs and Maintenance of Passive Fire Systems in Buildings

What is fire compartmentation?

Fire compartmentation is a critical part of building safety that is often overlooked due to a lack of knowledge. A building is divided into sections that are considered as a sealed unit. The design is to prolong the time it takes for a fire to spread from one area to another; enabling a means of escape for occupants and to allow the fire emergency services safe access into the building.

UK Building Regulations insist on effective compartmentation where fire, smoke and gasses must be kept for as long as possible at the point at which they originated.

A fire compartment comprises of fire rated wall, floors, ceilings and fire doors. Penetrations by ductwork have fire or smoke dampers installed at the compartment line to maintain the integrity of the compartmentation in the event of a fire. All penetrations into the wall, ceiling and floors needs to be stopped in order to maintain the fire compartment boundaries.

It is a popular misconception that the monitoring and maintenance of fire compartments becomes less important post construction or refurbishment.

IFS are the market leaders with regards to knowledge of fire compartmentation. We specialise in the re-instatement and maintenance of the integrity of fire compartments.

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About us

IMS Integrity Fire Solutions is established in meeting the growing needs (Statutory and Mandatory) of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) within the industry. The introduction of the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 passes the responsibility of fire safety to anyone who has control of premises or a degree of control over certain areas or systems. Effectively, this person is designated as the ‘responsible person’ for the premises.

IMS Integrity Fire Solutions is part of the IMS Group which consists of the following divisions:

  • Environmental
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Building & Fabric

IMS Integrity Fire Solutions (IFC and FIRAS accreditations) knowledge and practical expertise ensure that clients are engaged with a competent organisation. IMS Group is privileged to assist, guide and instruct clients in the most effective and efficient ways of meeting their duty of care obligations. IMS Integrity Fire Solutions has invested significantly in developing specialist software that is bespoke for each project. It is primarily based around accuracy to assist in demonstrating compliance.

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We offer a range of solutions on structural fire protection requirements including Intumescent coatings and fire board encasements. For a consultation or service request for your business, please click on the link below

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